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Welcome to eZvolunteer.com! eZvounteer essentially began in 2003 when the web developers of ZxC Designs were contracted to create a simple form to submit volunteer information to a horse show event coordinator. After creating the simple form, the ZxC Developers started the development of eZvolunteer to dramatically renovate and improve on the standard techniques of managing volunteers. Our ultimate goal came to be "Give volunteers a consistent, easy-to-use service that allows them to create one identity to serve in all events in a given event realm." After several hundred hours of planning and coding, we believe that we've done just that.

We hope that you find our services as a major improvement to the traditional call-and-ask method of the volunteer support system. We're positive that we can help make your event a success no matter how big or small it is. We've taken the dirty work out of establishing a base of operations for your volunteer needs; so now we invite you to take a closer look at just how we went about creating the eZvolunteer.com system.

We would also like to invite you to send us your comments, questions, and any concerns as to how we could improve this service. Please send your comments to feedback@eZvolunteer.com.

Our volunteer system has been tested on multiple browsers and from many mobile devices. Whether in a main office or on your iPhone/PDA/Smart Phone, you can access your event's volunteer hub wherever you are connected to the world wide web.Our system is unique because it was created by volunteer coordinators themselves. You will not a find a better all-around volunteer setup and control system anywhere on the market!

Our postal address is available on request.
We can be reached via e-mail at info@eZvolunteer.com



Current Events

12th Annual Show
Dressage at DevonWood is getting ready to host its 12th annual show. Sign-up now to become part of the team.

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